Identify Human Capital Cost Savings

FutureSolve will perform a complimentary HR effectiveness assessment and provide you with a HR Performance Report, benchmarking your company’s performance against industry standards and outlining potential human capital savings in several key performance areas including:

Health Care Premiums

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Download a Sample HR Performance Report

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HR Performance Report  

Everyone is in a cost savings mode as we prepare for a possible recession. Are you feeling the pressure to add value to the organization through cost-saving in key areas such as turnover, absenteeism, and onboarding?

This report will provide insights into how FutureSolve can help HR leaders improve efficiencies and reduce costs through various initiatives including:

  • Building Employee Commitment
  • Strengthen Front Line Supervisors
  • Managing Performance
  • Aligning Total Rewards and Recognition to Performance
  • Journey-based onboarding programs
  • Customized Benefits
  • Employee Well-being & Wellness

“We understand HR leaders are seeking ways to identify cost saving and FutureSolve has created a tool to accelerate this process. “

– Ken Carrig, Former CHRO SunTrust Bank